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If you were to ask any of the almost 3,000 sales executives who have joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nevada Properties over the years, you will hear a common theme describing the reasons why they chose us to be their new business support service. We effectively help real estate sales professionals live more fulfilled and successful lives by assisting them to build a long-term profitable business.


"I think you want to join a company that's going to be around forever. Berkshire Hathaway is built to be forever, it's true of all our businesses that we own. You want to be part of an organization that's not looking to sell out next week or next month or next year or where the place will crumble when the founders leave. In terms of permanence, we can't be beat. Not only can we not be topped by anyone, we can't be matched by anyone."

-Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.